The Fighter in Me

The martial arts have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I have studied Kempo, Aikido, Tai Chi, Wu Shu, Chinese Lion Dance, and San Shou.  I have also been fortunate enough to have many friends that study one or more styles of the various disciplines of martial arts.  The opportunity to work with them closely has added to my diverse working knowledge of self-defense, fitness, and body mechanics.

In the fall of 2000 I began training at Cung Le’s Martial Arts Training Center.  This is where I would learn what it means to train as a fighter with fighters.  Seeing the drive and dedication of a champion like Cung is more than inspiring.  It is a challenge to also strive for greatness. Cung will always be a

Coach and big brother to me.
My involvement with the gym has brought me many rewards physical strength, confidence, discipline, heart, and love. Yes! Love…  I met my wife Yvonne through the gym while I was training as a fighter and working as
instructor. We would often run into each other at gym functions and get-togethers with friends from the gym.  It took a little while before we started dating, but once we got together it was certainly a match made in heaven. We have now been married for almost 5 years and have two wonderful children Ben and Summer.
The gym will always be a crucial aspect of my foundation for success and achievement.  Once again I am teaching at Cung Le's Universal Strength Headquarters.  It is not at the same capacity that I been before, but it is working with the younger students so
once little Ben is ready I will be there with him. When he turned 4 this past June we let him try the class with the other children close to his age. After a couple visits he came up to me and said Daddy I am not readyyet.  I was shocked that he came up to me and expressed it to me in the manner  
that he did, but I felt very understanding. At home we have a heavy banana bag, focus mitts, and other gear that he like to play with, so for now his training is only at home.

As a parent I believe that it is important that children participate in some form of physical exercise.  The earlier that a child is exposed to regular physical activity the better chance they will

establish good habits of keeping fit.  It is my understanding that one excellent method of instilling the ideas and concepts of good health and fitness is to lead by example. Currently I am not doing a great job at being the best example to follow, but I understand that must change if I truly want to pass these values on to my children.

Chinese Lion Dancing was an important cultural and community learning experience for me.  We started out with little traditional knowledge and a few of really resourceful and great advisors. 

Jeanie Ma, Kai, and the wife Kai Mimi were a great center for helping a bunch of kids learn about their culture and spread the experience all throughout Eugene/Springfield, Oregon and beyond.  I think one year we did as many as 20+ performances traveling as far as 2-3 hours to get to a performance. 

We may nothave been the best, but we got the job done. We always brought a crowd pleasing performance weather it was for a restaurant opening or a New

Years cultural   celebration.

The CABA (Chinese American Benevolent Association) sponsored the lion dance group as a community activity. 

Once or twice a week mostly on Sunday afternoons we would gather in the gymnasium of Jefferson middle school. We would practice our routines for an hour or so then we would hangout eating a snack or playing basketball.  Whenever I think about lion dancing it brings back many great memories.
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