What does it mean to have ADD? – An introduction To Me…
To know more about ADD or ADHD on a clinical/medical level please see:
Children and Adults with
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)
The first thing that a person must understand about ADD/ADHD is to know that it is not the same for every person. The cause of each person’s situation may vary greatly. Creating a unique challenge to overcome the longer it goes untreated. The affect of untreated ADD/ADHD results in the same outcome, an inability to achieve one’s true potential.
Description of ADD vs. ADHD - By Barbara C Fisher & Ross A Beckley

Part of the reason I went undiagnosed for such a long time is the fact that I don’t have hyperactivity which most people associate with people that have ADD/ADHD.

The message below is posted to many of my websites and it is a good representation of what it means for me to have ADD in a state of environmental stability, with a strong supportive family, while receiving the appropriate treatment, and spiritually being grounded.

I am not who I once was…
But now a true integration of whom I have always been…

Over the years I have met many people who have made an amazing impact on my life. Their influence maintains a strong roll in the successes I continue achieve. Being a great father; loving husband; and an all around community conscious person is not easy when it comes to finding a balance in life. These are not

elements that just fall out of the sky. They all take life long work and solid foundations to succeed. It is by the goodness of my friends, family, and many generous strangers that I have risen above life’s challenge through a piece of each of their lives as they have shared it with me.
I grew up in a world where children learn fast that being a child is not an option. In this world you may not know where your next meal is coming from or where you are going to put your head down to rest at night. It was in a continually changing environment with no real place to call home.
All alone I had to fight for my right to live. Even life at its minimum would be more than that I had at various points of the most important mental and physical developmental years of my life.
Fortunately for me I was given a gift. A random gift of nature constructed from a combination of biological, biochemical, and environmental factors. The medical field classifies it as ADHD/ADD (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder / referred to as ADD for those without hyperactivity). Technically it is classified as a disorder due to the nature of its ability to easily distract the person’s attention away from what society has set to be important elements of a regular functioning life.**

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder[1][2][3] affecting about 3-5% of the world's population.[4] It typically presents itself during childhood, and is characterized by a persistent pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity, as well as forgetfulness, poor impulse control or impulsivity, and distractibility.[5][6] ADHD is currently considered a persistent and chronic condition for which no medical cure is available, although medication and therapy can treat symptoms.

I continue to refine a balanced holistic approach to an individually tailor system of medication, meditation, proper diet, regular exercise, adequate rest, family support, and environment. The reality is they can not always remain in perfect alignment, but it is the understanding of honest limitation and ability to mitigate that will bring you back to center. When I am in tune a few of the gifts that I have
to enjoy are being:
Family Oriented
Techno-Geek (a geek of all types of technology)
Extremely Knowledgeable
Ecologically Conscious
Economic Visionary
Interested in development for the greater good with mindfulness of effects that impact the community at all levels.
I could go on… because there are many more benefits I have realized and discovered since I began taking medication, going to group therapy, individual therapy, meditation, and the evaluation of my approach to life approximately 2 years ago. Some parts of the gift are new and some parts have been with me all my life not seeing them because I was critical and rigid.
The best part of all that I have overcome and experienced is being the person that I am in this moment. More enabled, and less disabled, than any other point in my entire life. There is no other single element in my life that has been more consistent that the relationship that I have with my wife which began on Friday, Oct. 19th 2001. We just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on December 12th, 2006. The next most consistent element in my life is my son that is
now 2 ½ years old. Before now the next most consistent element of my life was a job that I once had that lasted a little less than 2 ½ years. Soon to surpass that job is the consistency of taking my medication.
Discovering the appropriate means to repair and set fee my beautiful mind has given me vision and opportunity that never existed.
Knowing that there are no handbooks or special mantras that work for all people I hope to share my experience here and in any other forum that will prove to be helpful to others that share similar challenges. Not that what I do will be right for some one else but that it might help them on to the path of their own discovery of what is best.
See how I am pulling my world together and watch me grow... As a husband, as a father, and personally for myself.
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