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“Mere technical knowledge is only the beginning of Kung Fu.
To master it, one must enter into the spirit of it”

Bruce Lee
Master of Martial Arts and Philosopher

What I have to offer is far more valuable than technical knowledge alone.  I have the ability to understand, apply, evaluate, and refine what I know as I continually and passionately seek new information to increase my technical knowledge.  More than just knowing the answer, I have the ability to find answers.  I know what questions to ask and how to ask them, as well as locate and access the best resources for the answers.

I have a broad vocabulary base and extensive knowledge about words and how they relate to other words with similar meanings, associations to better known terms, images, know people, events, and other obscure connections.  It is no longer just good enough to be just “x”, “y”, or “z”.  To understand life as it operates in a contemporary global economy you must have a hybrid approach to a refined combination of “x”, “y”, and “z”. I have learned to capitalize on my diverse background of life experience and opportunities of formal education to create an advanced set of tools for perception, learning, communication, association, and reasoning. 

As the world begins to discover and take advantage of tools brought by technology, that has never existed before, to further their development and change the course of their lives it becomes increasingly important to have a strong understanding of the social economic challenges and benefits to creating and gaining access to advanced tool such as the internet.  Even furthermore, what to do once you have gained access. 

Fortunately for me the concept of being industrious in my approach to life, and a curiosity for technology, most specifically the computer came to me at a young age.  Much like the experience that Albert Einstein must have had seeing his fathers pocket compass, so profound that it turned on that light of curiosity and desire for discovery.   This point of enlightenment has enabled me to over come educational challenges and achieve more than would ever been possible given the disadvantage of a complex childhood.

One of my greatest abilities continues to be how I discover new ways to use the computer and other technologies to fill gaps in my own knowledge and abilities.  Although machines can not substitute for one’s true intelligence, when properly used they have this incredible ability to allow you to capitalize on your true skills and talents without being hindered by the traditional interpretation of learning and methods of expanding your mind.

Most likely from the influence of my grandfather’s profession and his natural ability to understand how to make mechanical items work and my uncle’s influence as a residential home builder I have always had this passion for creation and making things work.  My fascination with understanding how things work and my ability to search the internet has set me on a unique free form educational journey with a combination of resources that have never existed before in the history of mankind. 

Going on the internet with a question of data storage and data retrieval gives me access to papers written by graduate and doctoral students at MIT.  Even more than access to high level research MIT has many other valuable online resources such as course notes, lectures, labs, and full PowerPoint presentations.  For me this is only “the tip of the ice burg” when it comes to all that is out there that can be reference and cross-referenced to discover and compare theories and analyze facts about anything that you can ask the right question for.  With thousands and even millions of highly credible universities, colleges, public, and private institutions to seek answers from.

Although I have used the internet for many years to search for information I would have to say that the past two and an half to three years have been the most intense, productive and fruitful experiences.  I would estimate that I have spent more than 3000 hours researching and learning about subjects ranging from wireless equipment and technologies to in-depth studies on the social and economic development of the Philippine as it begins to experience a new prosperity from the rise of technologies such as text messaging, the internet, and voice over IP.

The diversity of my life experiences have enhanced the level of depth that I bring to any one set of questions.  In many cases it has brought me full circle to connect concepts and theories of one area to many other areas if experience and study.  This is where the blending of my separate educational backgrounds began.

In my pursuit to understand and really grasp concepts and ideas I have taken detailed notes of key points or observations that I have about what I have learned, how it may connect to something else I have studied, or maybe even a new question all together.  This practice has given me the ability to mentally digest the material and later return to it with a modified perspective of what it might mean or how it may relate to something else.  In some cases this also has given me a chance to extract information that is not related or inaccurate.

This mass collection of information has posed a few problems that a couple nifty tools from Google have helped with in a really big way. Google Notebook and Desktop search have helped organize and find information and documentation on the fly as I read through collected pfd’s, reference notes made from my sites visited and related tasks.  I am still a bit challenged in the paper world as I love to make hand notes and I don’t have a good substitute for the pen and paper that I can afford yet.  So now I even try to scan them in to my compute and convert them to text.  This is also nice for later editing in word.  The problem here is that I make notes faster that I can get them scanned so I do have a little backlog of files still waiting for the digital world.

With extensive experience collecting and examine large amounts of data I have gained professional experience similar to that of a theoretician.  My statistical literacy has been developed over many years of report building and interpretation. It is one thing to look at information and make quick judgment on what you see, but the more important element is often what you don’t see.  The ability to clearly understand the information also is dependant on understanding how the individual pieces relate to one another as well as the history of the data.  Purely extrapolating statistics has no meaning if you can not evaluate their relationship or critically think about the historical background.

In many cases understanding and interpreting data of a complex nature has required a strong aptitude and skill for testing and measuring the theoretical foundations and historical computations to understand the implication and application for the results as they apply to specific needs or questions that have been given to me. My professional experience has given me the opportunity to work with a wide range of data types from financial records, enrolment trends and product deployment and distribution. It has also required various depths of extrapolation and interpretation to clearly map out complex results.

If this was where my skills ended I might just be another individual in a large pool of well qualified people, but there is still more to who I am and what I can bring to the table. I have extensive knowledge of sound engineering, music creation, and production using professional grade programs and digital control surfaces. I have many years of professional event planning, promotion, and funding. My understanding of digital photograph, graphic design, print publishing, digital image creation, and animation are advance level tools I have been able to apply to all jobs that I have had.  My in-depth knowledge about computes and technology has allowed me to program and setup wired and wireless networks; build, repair, and maintain computers both of the MAC and PC platforms.  I am often called on to be the programs guru installing, upgrading and instructing in the uses of hundreds of programs.  In field of fabrication I have had the opportunity to work with woods, metals, plastics, and fiberglass.  Performing jobs such as nickel platting of aluminum substrate for disks for hard drives and manufacturing the fiberglass molds for the mass production of luxury motor homes.

I know under the traditional sense of being a student in a class room environment I will never be the one on the deans list, but this dose not discourage me from being the best student possible.   I have come to the understanding that just learning is not good enough.  The importance of understanding will allow you to connect several element you have learned to create a comprehensive understanding beyond one event or the idea that one element equals another.  As good illustration of this concept is the game of chest.  To learn the basic movements it is not that complex.  To understand the various dimensions of strategy and apply them in the dynamic moment of play is far more challenging.  This is why the elements of “life long study” and “practice” become important growth tools.

You may review my extensive work history and extrapolate a variety of different outcomes, but the truth can only be what it is in the present.  The opportunity that we share can only result in a positive element that will benefit everyone that is involved.  It is the vast breath of my life experience that opportunity and formal education has given me the ability to be inquisitive and thorough in a quest to understand any challenge that I have faced.  It is in my dedication and determination to learn and improve so that I may teach and improve the lives of my family, those in my local communities, and across the globe.

I am on a mission to find an institution will allow me to operate in a team oriented environment.  The involvement of other individuals working together on all levels makes an opportunity for me to be at my best as well as learning the talents of those you interact with.  It is also important to find a place that sees my potential artistically and intellectually and will foster my continued growth and passion of discovery of those things that represent the “spirit.”


Thank You

Ben Greer



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