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Eventualy there will be more indepth descriptions with dates and
links when working examples can be posted or linked to.

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Last Update: 01/31/07

Dave at the Club
Small Business Site

Cung Le Website Design and
Creation Flash and HTML

THE MAKO - S3/Sonic Blue
Disney: The Emperor's New Groove - 2000
Disney: Squrrel Translator-
The Emperor's New Groove - 2000

Test Flash Animation Portfolio
Dynamic moving menu

Flash Based Portfolio site
Flash based music player upgrad
Flash based music player
dynamically calls file and plays music as it informs you of the title and artist
Design Reactor – Web development
Dynamic tracking of random moving object
Add on for tank game
Flash Based Military Tank Game
with scoring and timed levels
ABC - Day Time Emmy’s Trivia Game
ABC- Prime Time Site Maintenance
ABC – Prime Time Emmy Award
Flash Trivia Game
Dynamic asset change of questions.
Worked live back stage assisting in the realtime production of the Academy Awards Page.
ABC Politically Incorrect
Site Redesign and Weekly Poling
ABC – Making of the Band Trivia Game
Flash Based Animation of Poem “To Dream”
Flash animation for
Social network guest book signature
2nd Flash project 2 weeks after first exposure

First Flash Project 1 Week after exposure

Ben Greer
Phone: (408) 718-0918



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